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8th Grade Social Studies (World Civ./Govt. Structures)

Campbell County Middle School



Instructor: Wes Thompson

Email:                         Phone: (859)635-6077 ext. 112

Time of Plan Period: 12:41-1:26 p.m. (Purple days); 11:52 a.m.-12:38 p.m. (Gold days)

Grade level: 8



Looking at theme instead of chronology, students will discover how ancient civilizations thrived and compare that to modern day civilizations.


Course Standards:

Students will:

-Analyze and solve geographical issues in world civilizations

-Engage in reasoned debates on major historical questions

-Develop the habits of mind of an historian

-Acquire the understanding of various historical perspectives

-Strengthen reading, writing, and research skills using a variety of sources

-Utilize technology to explore global connections of the past, present, and future



Spielvogel, Jackson.  Journey Across Time: The Early Age.  New York: Glencoe, 2005.

Frey, Wendy.  History Alive!: The Ancient World. Palo Alto: TCI, 2004.


*Note: textbooks are to stay within the classroom.  



Each student will need a 3-ring binder with 3 divider tabs and loose-leaf notebook paper.



Students will be given report cards three times a year.  The last report card of the year will be mailed.  Progress reports are sent home during the middle of each grading period.  All incomplete grades must be made up by the following midterm or the grade will be changed to failing (F).


The following grade scale is used to convert percentage grades to letter grades:

                                    A+ 99% or higher                   C 76% - 81%  

                                    A 95% - 98%                          C- 73% - 75%

                                    A- 93% - 94%                         D+ 70% - 72%

                                    B+ 90% - 92%                        D 67% - 69%

                                    B 87% - 89%                           D- 65% - 66%

                                    B- 85% - 86%                         F 64% or lower

                                    C+ 82% - 84%


If a student has completed all assignments during the unit and has successfully completed the additional, assigned learning tasks in the identified areas of weakness, he/she may retake an assessment over those specific learning targets not yet mastered. 

No bonus points or extra credit assignments will be offered or included in the grade.  If the student fails to complete and submit assignments as required and to teacher/school expectations, consequences such as teacher detention, teacher docs, etc. will be issued.


Participation & Attendance:

Participation is expected each day.  If a student is absent, he/she will have two days upon their return to school to turn in absent work for full credit, unless otherwise noted.  Absent work is located in the “absent work” crate in the classroom. Students should take one of each handout in the folder for the date they were absent.  For example, if a student was absent on October 15th, they should check the #15 folder.  Upon completion, absent work should be handed to Mr. Thompson directly.  Absent work that is never turned in will be graded as an “F.”   



General Outline (subject to change):


Unit 1: Where Civilizations Gathered and Why?

  • Overview: Ancient River Civilizations,  Development of Agriculture, Present-Day U.S. and World Populations

Unit 2: How Civilizations Maintain Order

  • Overview: Democracy, River Civilizations, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages

Unit 3: Advancement and Success

  • Overview: Tools, Trade, Humanities, 5 Major Religions, Sumerian and Egyptian Achievements, Silk Road, Greek and Roman Expansion, 21st Century Technology

Unit 4: Conflict

  • Overview: Major Conflicts of Ancient History, 21st Century

Unit 5: Bridge Connection

  • Overview: Age of Exploration, Middle Ages Renaissance, Reformation, the Future



Additional Comments:

I strongly encourage parent/guardian participation in student learning.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  My goal is for every child to achieve success and to perform at their highest potential.