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Intervention Math Class
Campbell County Middle School
Instructor: Jeffrey Marks
Phone: (859) 635-6077 EXT. 222Time of Plan Period: 12:00-12:20
Grade level: 6, 7, and 8

This course is specifically designed for students who are struggling in math. Struggling is usually defined as scoring below the 25th percentile on the MAPS test or scoring below a passing score on a series of timed, scientifically-based measures. The class will roughly follow the schedule of the student’s Springboard math class. However, we will be working on the key concepts and skills needed to bring the students up to grade level. This will be done with computer-based activities as well as research-based mathematical tasks. The classes are small enough that small group and individual instruction will be available to the students.

Course Standards:
Since the objective of the course is to bring the student up to their current grade level, standards at all previous grade levels may be touched upon. The purpose of this class is to meet the student where they are and help them grasp the underlying math concepts.


Materials Needed: One folder, lined notebook paper, pencils, calculator

If a student has completed all homework assignments during the unit and has successfully completed the additional, assigned learning tasks in the identified areas of weakness, he/she may retake an assessment over those specific learning targets not yet mastered.
No bonus points or extra credit assignments will be offered or included in the grade. If the student fails to complete and submit assignments as required and to teacher/school expectations, consequences such as teacher detention, teacher docs, etc. will be issued.

Participation & Attendance:
Participation will be based in part on the duration of the assigned computer-based trainings. Students will be expected to be engaged in the assigned activities whether they are computer-based or within a small group setting. For paper-based activities, students will be expected to complete the assignment in class where specific guided help is available. However, the student may take the assignments home to complete for a grade when necessary.
Students are responsible for any and all missed work due to absences. Students will need to check with Mr. Marks to obtain make-up assignments. Students will have as many days to make up the work as days they are absent. Work not completed by that time can be completed following the guidelines for missed or late work.

Links (as available) to the computer-based applications will be available on my teacher webpage, so that students may access these from home or other locations. In this way, they can make up missing assignments or work to improve their grasp of the concepts.