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What did we do today in class?

May 5 and 6---Discuss Station work, groups for Trails / People going west.Students will be presenting on a particular trail

May 3 and May 4--Manifest Destiny Picture, Stations 

April 29 and May 2---War of 1812 (Causes) Reading over War of 1812, Flag flip paper, and Graffiti Wall 

April 27 and 28th---Finish Journal entry over Louisiana Purchase (glue in journal), Power point LA Purchase and Lewis and Clark, Exit Slip, If time, begin intro to War of 1812

April 25 and 26--Unit 6.3 Assessment, Finish video, discuss foldable answers (placed in journal), Discuss goals of the expedition, Expedition Journal, Powerpoint over LA Purchase, Exit Slip

April 21 and 22---Self-assessment over Unit 6.3, Lewis and Clark (outline and shade in Louisiana Purchase Map, Foldable--plants, Native Americans, Animals and plants), Video --Lewis and Clark, The Great Journey West).

April 19 and 20----Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties, Handout, Study Guide completed in class, and Unit 6 Part 2 analysis

April 15 and 18---Plessy vs Ferguson, Brown vs. Board of Education, and Miranda vs Arizona, Unit 6 Part 3 assessment April 25 for Purple students and April 26 for Gold Day Students, 

April 13 and April 13--Four Supreme Court Cases 

April 11 and April 12---Return writing pieces (collect), Finish History Alive Chapter 10 Bill of RIghts, Discuss, Journal, Video over BIll of Rights

March 25th and March 28--Marbury vs Madison, Judicial Review, Supreme Court Article

March 23 and 24th---Federal or State Power Point, Test Analysis, Give out Study Guide, Test Thursday for Purple class March 31 and Test April 1st for Gold Class, Marbury vs. Madison

March 17 and 17--Civics Today Text--Jigsaw, Questions over Federalism, Handouts

March 15 and 16--Finish Writing Prompt

March 8 and March 9--On-Demand Writing Prompt

March 4 and March 7---Presentations over Constitutional Principles, Unit 6 Part A Assessment, Read Article after assessment

February 24 and February 25---Finish History Alive 9 with Checks and Balances, Who has the Power?, and Study Guide

February 19 and February 22--Debriefing of Electoral College, Learning Check over Electoral College, Unit 4 Analysis, Announcement of Unit 4 Retakes, History Alive 9 of Separation of Powers

February 17 and Feb 18--Electoral College Game

Review with Socrative, Unit 4 Test, Debate "Should Schools. Eliminate Sports Team"

January 29 and Feb 1--Go over History Alive 8.11 and 8.12, Constitution vs. Articles of Confederation, Read "The Fight Over The Constitution", Study Guide

January 27 and 28---Review Learning Check over Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan, Review 3/5 Compromise from previous class meeting, Learning Check, Journal over qualities of a good leader, History Alive 8.9-8.12 (Chief Executive, Electoral College, and Federalist / Anti-Federalists) Assessment for Purple Day students Tuesday, February 2nd and Gold Day students Wednesday, February 3rd.  Answer key on my webpage under Unit 4 

January 25 and 26--Round Ball (what do you know about our government), Review Virginia and New Jersey Plan, Read 8.7 and 8.8 from HIstory Alive, Complete 3/5 Compromise handout, Go over and discuss handout as a class, Constitution Vocabulary foldable, learning check for a grade

January 19 and 21--Virginia and New Jersey Plan, Why Do We Have A House and Senate?, Two Methods, Great Compromise, Learning Check, Unit 4 Study Guide

January 14 and 15--Journal (What is a compromise, what is the difference between a compromise and cooperation, when is a time you had to compromise), History Alive 8.4 over Constitution Convention, James Madison, Rules of Secrecy, Discuss answers to handout, 8.5 Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan,Reading and Questions,

January 8 and January 13--History Alive 8.2 and 8.2 over Articles of Confedeation and Shay's Rebellion, Reading Notes 8,2 and 8.3, Journal Entry, if time History Alive 8.4

January 6 and January 7th--Journal,  Go over Unit 4 reading notes from American RepublicArticles of Confederation, T-Chart over Strengths and Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation, if time, Exit Slip

January 4 and January 5th--Unit 3 analysis over the American Revolution.  Retakes begin Monday, January 18th.  Students need to see me about work before taking Retake.  Exploratiory Game (Dice Game).

October19 and 20th---Mercantilism, trading activity, Middle Passage, and Great Awakening--

October 13 and 14--Finish colonial vocabulary and discuss, study guide, Seeds of Democracy flip book, exit slip, Test Tuesday, October 27 for Purple Day Students and Wednesday, October 28th for Gold Day Students

October 2 and October 12--Went over Colonial Matrix in class, students placed themselves in the correct colonial region, and began colonial vocabulary

September 23 and 24--Finish Learning Check from previous class, students kept learning check questions and turned in bubble sheets to be graded, Colonial Matrix, Paragraph over region that would be most beneficial to live in with textual evidence

September 21 and 22--Color code Colonization Map, Preview 3 over different colonial regions, Read History Alive Chapter 3 over colonizaiton, Learning Check

September 16 and 17th--Journal (In choosing a place to live, what are four factors that would be important), Finish "Locating a Colony," Roanoke--Student try to solve the mystery of Roanoke by examing and analyzing evidence left behind.  When finished students will make an assertion,reason, and list three pieces of evidence to back up their assertion.

September 14 and 15th--Unit 2 Preassemment over Colonization, Locating a Colony (Settlement Activity)

September 10 and 11th--Unit 1 Test

September 8 and 9---Watch Columbian Exchange video,  Students list pros and cons from video on paper, discuss video and student responses, Go over and discuss Unit 1 Study Guide, Review for Unit 1 test on IPADS using room number 439393.  Students may access using my room number 439393 to study from home.  Please find Unit 1 Study Guide Answer Sheet under 7th Grade U.S. History and you will see Unit 1 folder to click.

September 3 and 4--Journal Entry, Finish History Alive 2.3 and 2.4, Discuss the differences in the treatment of the Native Americans by the Spanish and French, Aztec video that discusses technology and weaponry by the Spanish, Exit Slip, Columbian Exchange Reading, Pasting of foods and goods of the Columbian Exchange.  Test September 10 for Purple Day students, September 11 for Gold Day students.

September 1 and 2-- Finish Sunken Treasure Activity, Critical Thinking Questions pertaining to Sunken Treasure Artifacts, Exit Slip on Artifacts, Passed out Study Guide, Test For Purple Day on Unit One September 10 and Gold Day September 11, History Alive 2.2, 2.3. and 2.3

August 28 and 31--Graphic Organizer over Age of Exploration: When did it occur, How did they start exploring (technology), what was Age of Exploration, Why did they start exploring, Who was involved (countries), Where were we exploring), Sunken Treasure Activity, Exit Slip---two artifacts and how this showed motivation for exploring.

August 26 and 27--Claiming Furninture, Classroom Experience to Historical Connection with Claiming Furniture, News Article about Shipwreck found off the coast off North Carolina, Gold Coins found off the coast of Florida,  "Would you go on an expedition to an unknown territory?"

Auguest 21--Journal  If you were to paint a mural to showcase CULTURE in Kentucky, list three things that you would put in your mural.  Why?

Pre-test over Great Convergence, Silk Road, Vocabulary Words (See Unit 1 Definition folder) Annotate text Renaissance, Prezi

August 18 and 19--" Classroom Culture Across the Globe"----What impact does culture have on education?  Read "Malala's Mission-One Teen's Fight for Girls' Education",  Comparing classrooms across the globe