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Rules and Procedures

Rules and Procedures


American History


TEACHER:             Jackie Wright                                                                                          ROOM # 306

EMAIL:   jackie.wright@campbell.kyschools.us                                                                       PHONE # 635-6077

TIME OF PLAN: PURPLE DAY (10:40-11:28)

                              GOLD DAY (9:52-10:37)




  • Treat others with respect
  • Be responsible
  • Always try ("I can't do it" is not an option!)
  • Always be prepared
  • Ask questions
  • Keep body to yourself


  • Upon entering the classroom, you are to go to your assigned seat,  take out your journal and respond to the bell ringer on the screen.  If you are not in your seat at the start of class, I may count you tardy (and make a teacher documentation of the incident).


  • You are expected to bring your materials to class everyday unless otherwise told.  This includes your completed homework, journal notebook, American History folder/binder, ruled loose leaf paper and pen or pencil.  If you fail to bring these items to class, you have chosen to be unprepared.  The consequences for being unprepared for class may result in teacher documentation.  You will not be permitted to leave the room to go to your locker and retrieve forgotten items, so bring them to class every day!


  • Electronic devices are to be out only when teacher has given permission for class use.


  • During class, you are expected to remain in your seat at all times unless permission has been granted.  There is to be absolutely no wandering around the classroom for any reason at any time.  This includes throwing away trash, sharpening your pencil, etc.  Sharpen pencil before class and throw away trash at appropriate times (such as when instruction is not occurring). 


  • When class notes are given, you are expected to copy down these notes and keep them in your journal.  One of the ways people learn is by writing, therefore it is important for you to take notes, (whether you think you know the material or not!).


  • When you hear “Give Me Five,” or see someone raise their hand with their palm facing you, stop what you are doing and do the following five things: Be silent, eyes on speaker, Stay still, put things down (hands are free) and listen.


  • There cannot be any talking during instruction.  If you are talking, then you are not paying attention and will miss something important.  In addition, to talk while instruction is taking place is also a distraction to others who are trying to learn. To talk while someone else is talking is disrespectful and will not be tolerated and will be dealt with at the time it happens. Blurting out answers, questions, or comments will not be tolerated. You must ALWAYS raise your hand and wait to be called on. Remember, this also applies for student led instruction.


  • You should remain in your seat until I dismiss you.  DO NOT LINE UP AT THE DOOR BEFORE DISMISSAL TIME!  This will only result in a later dismissal from class. 



  • Attendance is very important to be successful.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to be in class each and every day.  If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to find out what the missed assignments are and complete them and turn them in.  You may need to find a classmate to copy any notes from the day(s) you were absent or check on my website.  Any missed worksheets can be obtained from the table in front of my desk (or you can ask me and I will get them for you).  In addition to making up your missed assignment(s), you also need to turn in the assignments that would have been collected during your absence.