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InstructorJackie Wright

Email:                                           Phone: 859.635.6077 Ext.306       

 Time of Plan Period:  Purple Days (10:40-11:28)                                    Grade level:  Seventh

                                   Gold Days (9:52-10:37)


               Over the next year, we will examine significant events, movements, and patterns that have helped shape the modern world. U.S. History is designed to provide students with the analytical skills and enduring understandings relevant to United States history. Students will learn to assess historical materials--their relevance to a given interpretive problem, their reliability, and their importance--and to weigh the evidence and interpretations presented in history. A United States History course will develop the skills necessary to arrive at conclusions on the basis of an informed judgment and to present reasons and evidence clearly in argument and informative format.


Course Standards:

Students will:

*Explain history is a series of connected events shaped by multiple cause-and-effect relationships

*Assess historical materials

*Weigh evidence and interpretations presented in history

 *Engage in reasoned debates on major historical questions

*Develop the habits of mind of an historian

*Acquire the understanding of various historical perspectives

*Strengthen research skills using a variety of sources

*Compare and Contrast various forms of government

*Examine the benefits and costs of economic interaction and interdependence among people, societies, and governments

*Interpret the democratic principles of justice, equality, responsibility, and freedom

*Analyze issues that relate to the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democracy



The American Republic to 1877 published by Glencoe (Kentucky Edition) 2007 edition

History Alive! The United States published by Teacher Curriculum Institute 2002 edition



*Pen or Pencil: Black or blue ink. You will always need a writing utensil. Please don’t use any other color.         

*Notebooks:  You will need two of these for notes and journal writings.

*Binder/Folder:  A Social Studies Binder/Folder will be used for organization purposes.   

*Textbook:  There is a classroom set of textbooks.  These will be used as references in class.  *Textbook CDs are available for student checkouts.

*BYOD: Devices are not mandatory but encouraged since research is part of the “4 C's” (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication).



Students will be given report cards three times a year.  The last report card of the year will be mailed.  Progress reports are sent home during the middle of each grading period.  All incomplete grades must be made up by the following midterm or the grade will be changed to failing (F).


The following grade scale is used to convert percentage grades to letter grades:


A+ 99% or higher                 C 76% - 81%

A 95% - 98%                        C- 73% - 75%

A- 93% - 94%                       D+ 70% - 72%

B+ 90% - 92%                      D 67% - 69%

B 87% - 89%                        D- 65% - 66%

B- 85% - 86%                       F 64% or lower

C+ 82% - 84


If a student has completed all homework assignments during the unit and has successfully completed the additional, assigned learning tasks in the identified areas of weakness, he/she may retake an assessment over those specific learning targets not yet mastered. 

No bonus points or extra credit assignments will be offered or included in the grade.  If the student fails to complete and submit assignments as required and to teacher/school expectations, consequences such as teacher detention, teacher docs, etc. will be issued


Participation & Attendance: 

Attendance is very important to be successful.  Therefore, it is your responsibility to be in class each and every day.  If you are absent from a class, it is your responsibility to find out what the missed assignments are and complete them and turn them in.  You may need to find a classmate to copy any notes from the day(s) you were absent .  Any missed worksheets can be obtained from a basket near my desk (or you can ask me and I will get them for you).  In addition to making up your missed assignment(s), you also need to turn in the assignments that would have been collected during your absence. 


General Outline (subject to change): 

  • Unit One—The Great Convergence
  • Unit Two—Colonization
  • Unit Three—Revolution
  • Unit Four--Development of the Constitution
  • Unit Five--Goals of the Constitution (Preamble)
  • Unit Six—Establishing a New Government
  • Unit Seven—Westward Expansion
  • Unit Eight—Causes of the Civil War
  • Unit Nine—Personal Liberties