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Algebra I Syllabus


Campbell County Middle School




Instructor: Faye L. Smith                              Email:       

Phone: 635-6077x224         Time of Plan Period: 12:38 – 1:26 PM        Grade level: 8th grade




Middle school Algebra I  is the first step to an AP Calculus or AP Statistics math course in Campbell County High School. This course is a blend of the rigorous mathematics of the eighth grade math course and the high school Algebra I content. Per district policy, a student who completes this course with a B average will be awarded high school Algebra I credit. 



Course Standards:

Students will:

  • Engage in Key 21st Century Skills including Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.
  • Develop strong study habits that lead to success in assessment
  • Master the learning targets for the KY Common Core Standards for  8th Grade Math & High School Algebra I  through rigorous mathematics content and activities
  • Gain an understanding of the properties of real numbers
  • Formalize the language of functions
  • Explore the behavior of linear, exponential, quadratic and piecewise functions numerically, graphically, analytically, and verbally
  • Use technology to discover relationships, test conjectures, an solve problems
  • Write expressions, equations, and inequalities from physical models
  • Communicate mathematics understanding formally and informally
  • Explain work clearly so that the reasoning process can be followed throughout the solution
  • Utilize reflection and self-assessment to improve learning



Springboard 2014, ALGEBRA I


Materials Needed:

Scientific calculator with a viewing window is BEST—such as a TI-34II

3 Ring Binder with Dividers; Filler Paper (several packs)—college-ruled optional

1 pack quarter-inch graph paper

Pencils, erasers, 3-4 pens—blue/black & a contrasting color such as red.

3x5 note cards; 6-inch ruler/protractor

Highlighters and/or Colored Pencils (optional)

Paper and Pencils are required EVERYDAY

Clorox Wipes, Tissues and Hand Sanitizer –greatly appreciated – please give to Homeroom



Each unit will be broken into 2-3 sections. An assessment which includes multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions will follow each section.  At the end of each unit will be a standardized  20-question multiple-choice assessment.   Consequently, students are assessed about every 2 weeks.

The following grade scale is used to convert percentage grades to letter grades:

A+ 99% or higher       B 87% - 89%               C 76% - 81%               D 67% - 69%

A 95% - 98%              B- 85% - 86%                         C- 73% - 75%             D- 65% - 66%

A- 93% - 94%             C+ 82% - 84%                        D+ 70% - 72%            F 64% or lower

B+ 90% - 92%

If a student has completed all homework assignments during the unit and has successfully completed the additional, assigned learning tasks in the identified areas of weakness, he/she may retake an assessment over those specific learning targets not yet mastered.

No bonus points or extra credit assignments will be offered or included in the grade.  If the student fails to complete and submit assignments as required and to teacher/school expectations, consequences such as teacher detention, teacher docs, etc. will be issued.



Participation & Attendance:

Daily attendance is expected. Students are responsible for making up both classwork & homework missed due to an absence. Upon returning from an absence, students should get any hand-outs from the classroom bins alongside the door, ask teacher for a copy of the daily notes, and complete the missed work. IF the student is absent on an assessment day, he/she should plan to take the test during the next class period. In the case of prolonged absences, arrangements need to be made to discuss & complete ALL work leading up to the assessment.  Then, arrangements need to be made to complete the assessment PRIOR or AFTER school so as not to miss any more instructional time.

All assignments are designed to give the student an opportunity to check his/her independent understanding of mathematics concepts. ALL assignments and projects are expected to be completed ON TIME so that students can keep up with the sequential development of ideas. Late work may be accepted with prior teacher approval.



General Outline:

Students will master the learning targets for the KY Common Core Standards for High School Algebra I through rigorous mathematics content and activities developed through seven units:

            1.  Single-variable Equations & Inequalities; Properties of Real Numbers

            2.  Linear Functions

            3.  Extensions of Linear Functions: Piecewise; Inequalities ; Systems of Equations & Inequalities

            4.  Mini Units: Pythagorean Theorem & Applications; Transformations on a Coordinate Grid

            5.  Exponents, Radicals & Polynomials

            6.  Quadratic Functions

            7.  Data Analysis, Bivariate Data Displays, Statistics



Additional Comments:

CCMS Algebra I is a double-blocked class which will be given one grade. During the two bells each day, students will investigate rigorous problems meant to stretch their mathematical thinking and confidence.  Students are expected to actively engage in the classroom discussions, work independently to complete complex daily assignments, extend their knowledge through unit projects, and earn a B or higher on assessments.



ALGEBRA 2015-16


My student _______________________ is enrolled in the Algebra I course.


I have read and understand the expectations for the CCMS Algebra I course for eighth grade.

I understand that my child is on an accelerated math track which will continue at Campbell

County High School.  This pathway includes Honors Geometry (9), Honors Algebra II (10),

Pre-Calculus (11) and AP Calculus or AP Statistics (12). 



I have read and understand the expectations for the CCMS Algebra I course for eighth grade.


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