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The Middle School Algebra I course provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to preparing students for the demands of rigorous high school math courses. Through the use of the Spring Board Algebra I and supplemented materials from the McDougal-Littell series students will develop sequential, scaffolded skills and knowledge needed for success in future advanced placement courses. Ongoing exposure to rigorous mathematics content and experience with the thinking processes needed to analyze, solve, and explain complex math problems, will equip students with the kind of higher order thinking skills, knowledge, and behaviors necessary to be successful in AP classes and beyond.
Class Announcements
  • Repeating Decimal Video

    Got to Khan Academy for help with converting repeating decimals into fractions.

  • Video for Properties

    Go to this video for help with the Properties of REAL NUMBERS.

  • y = mx + b song
    Check out video for slope-intercept form of linear equation.
  • Class Management Plan/Syllabus

    Students will review this document on the first day of class. P Students were given a copy during the first 2 days of class.  Please be sure to sign off on the form and return on Friday, August 14.



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