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Course Syllabus

Advanced Language Arts

TEACHER:  Mr. Melton                                                                                                  ROOM #:  238


Remind 101 : Text -  @mrmeltonsl to 513-259-2086 


  • Upon entering the classroom, you are to sit in your assigned seat
  • You are expected to bring your materials to class everyday unless otherwise instructed.  This includes your Language Arts Three Ring Binder, writing utensil, reading and writing journals, and the novel you are currently reading.
  • During class your active engagement is important to your success.
  • Water will be allowed at any time during class.  Studies show hydrated brains are more likely to learn.
  • Electronic devices will be encouraged for use in this class.  Please bring your personal device (cell phone, lap top, iPad, iPod, E-Reader, etc….) every day. 
  • All policies and procedures of the school’s discipline code and student handbook also apply.

Three basic expectations for the classroom everyday:

  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Prepared
  3. Be Engaged


All grades will be based on mastery of the Kentucky Core Academic Standards.  All assignments, test, class work, and discussion will be designed to help students master the standards for the appropriate grade level.  Learning will be our goal; therefore learning will be our focus, not grades.  Students will be doing self-assessment on a regular basis to determine their own mastery of the standards.


The following list is what you are expected to bring with you to class every day.

  1. Pen or Pencil:  You will always need a writing utensil.  (blue or black ink only)
  2. A three ring binder with three dividers:  You will keep all learning targets, bell work, notes, and class work in this binder.
  3. Journals:  Two composition notebooks will be your journals (one reading and one writing)


Attendance is very important to be successful.  Therefore it is your responsibility to be in class each and every day possible.  If you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to find out what the missing assignments were for you to complete.  Check the agenda board for missed work.  You may need to find a classmate to get missed notes and make a copy.  If you missed a test or quiz you will need to schedule a time to complete that quiz or test. 

BOOK REPORTS:  You will complete eleven book reports this year from the novels you will read this year.

List of Book Reports Due Dates (Snow days may impact due dates)

Book One:           September 4th 

Book Two:           September 25th 

Book Three:       October 23rd

Book Four:          November 13th

Book Five:           December 11th

Book Six:              January 15th

Book Seven:       February 5th

Book Eight:         February 26th

Book Nine:          March 18th

Book Ten:          April 15th

Book Eleven:     May 6th

It is important to not get behind on the book reports. 

Standard 10 in the KCAS states:

 “By the end of the year, read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poems, at the high end of grades 6–8 text complexity band independently and proficiently.” 

I believe that consistent practice of the discipline of reading is the most efficient method in helping our students master Standard 10.  We will establish a reading culture in our school and are excited to hear about what everyone is reading.