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STLP DPOJ Entries 19-20



Event: Digital Music

Title:  Beep!

Student: Bennett Reis

Grade:  7

Process Paragraph:

In this digital music creation I used Apple Loops to make it. I looped multiple loops and layered them in. Instead of mixing them in I added them in and it added a little of affect to the song. I used I added in one loop that acted as the beat in the song that kept the rhythm then came the next loop or the next part of the song. From there I added in a bass part which plays quarter notes and eighth notes. Then I added in a longer sound to help with the progression of the song. After that I cut out a loop to add effect. And lastly I added all the loops back in one by one for a big finish.

Click Here to Listen to "Beep!"





Event: Feature Video

Title:    A Few Tips and Tricks in becoming a Campbell County Camel     

Student Team: Brenna Thomas, Sarah Watts, Callie Stewart, Chloe Stewart, and Aubrey Dyas

Grade:  6

Process Paragraph:

Step 1: We came up with an idea that would be entertaining for our viewers. We had to brainstorm several different ideas and decide which one was the best. We were inspired by this topic because at Campbell County Middle School, We are Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and we are our best!

Step 2: We filmed using our school hallways and our teachers classrooms. We filmed using an iPhone 6s. 

Step 3: We used the editing software IMovie to edit and compile our videos together.                            

We would like to thank the Teachers and staff who let us use their classrooms for our videos. We would also like to thank our STLP coach Mrs.Fields for all of her help.   





Event: Manipulated Photo

Title:  Space Rotation

Student: Bennett Reis

Grade:  7

Process Paragraph:

I used original photos from my camera to make this image. I used Paint Gimp to make the image. The planets in the background I made in Paint 3-D with shapes textures and colors. I used the crop tool in Gimp to cut the head out and make the face in the picture. I used layers to put the planets in and last, I used a space texture for the background.

R. Bennett


Original Photos

bennettphoto 1




Event: Original Photo

Title:  The End of the Cold Wire

Student: Bennett Reis

Grade:  7

Process Paragraph:

I got this photo after a shower of sleet on a cold winter day. The depth of the field in the image is the barbwire fence that has ice on it. I used a Canon Power Shot camera. Since I focused in on the barbwire, the field in the background is obscured. I thought this would make a great photo because the barbwire being a little rusted gave it a little bit of affect to the iced over wire. And as you can see in the image it added affect. The image is centered in the picture, and I named it this because this is the end of the fence line on my property.


cold wire bennet

Event: Original Photo

Title:  Dandy Dog

Student: GT Kuhel

Grade:  7

Process Paragraph:

First let's start with what I used to create my original photo. I used a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 to take the photo and my dog Thor was the star of my piece. First, I got my dog Thor to take a seat on the grass. Then I went under my trampoline at a worm’s eye view where the grass it tall. This gave me shade from the light cause the trampoline blocked it and Thor could not see me so he did not get distracted looking at me. Lastly, I took the photo when he was not looking towards the camera so it was not choppy looking.







Event: Book Trailer

Title:  Pretend She’s Here 

Student: Jessica Long

Grade:  7

Process Paragraph:  

I made this project on my iPhone 6s and used the app iMovie to create it. I chose the book “Pretend She’s Here” because I think the book itself is captivating and inspiring because the main character, Emily, is thrown into a life or death situation, but still manages it in a calm and responsible manner. This project was particularly hard because I had limited time with the cast since the only time we could meet was at the actual STLP meetings. So I had to piece together each individual video and caption which took a lot of time to do, but it was worth it to see this project come together!


Click to View "Pretend She is Here"


Event:  Infographic

Title: The Case for Cancer

Student: Mason Booth

Grade: 6

Process Paragraph:

For this infographic project I wanted to tell all you about cancer. For me this was a very hard project with this being my second infographic made and trying to find the right information. I know that someone or something suffering from cancer can be sad. I know that one of my parent’s friend’s son died this year because of cancer. The steps of this project were that I needed to make a new Google Drawing. Immediately I went to start the background and find my topic. I know I wanted to tell about something that is serious, so I came to the choice of cancer. This was the time when I made my title of this project, which is, “The Case of Cancer. “I already had some shapes with some information, so I went to find some more other sites. Luckily, I found about 5 pieces of information in other sites which was a relief. The right choice was to write the final part, the dedication. No matter what I had to dedicate this project to my Mom’s friend’s son. For the background of the Info-graphic I used a gradient color of orange to bring out that nice color. I had to use word art for the title because when I first looked at it something in my head said it was wrong. I had to be very careful with the shapes because I didn’t want them to go off the paper, which looked weird to me. Finally, I realized it was done, except this process paragraph. That leads to right now, all finished and all ready to submit. Also, thanks to my computer technology teacher for teaching all of this to me and other children in my school. If it weren't for her I wouldn’t know anything about this.



www.cancer.org https://www.canstockphoto.com/emoji-yellow-sad-face-with-crying-tear-48669393.html                                                                               http://www.canchttp://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer.html   http://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer.html

M. Booth