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STLP Campbell County Middle School

DPOJ  Products 18-19



Event: Infographics

Title: All About Alzheimer’s 

Student: Faith Stahl

Grade:  8

Process:  I chose to make my infographic on Alzheimer’s Disease for a few reasons. When trying to come up with an idea for this STLP project, I was studying in science class how neurons help the brain function. I found that they send signals with neurotransmitters, and that there are different types of neurotransmitters in the brain. I also learned that Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that is linked to Alzheimer’s. Generally, I knew little about this disease, but I wanted to learn more because my grandpa was diagnosed with it late in his life. I did know first-hand, however, how devastating this disease can be, as my family and I watched him decline during the last few years of his life. I decided to make an infographic so that not only could I learn more, but I could also share it with others.

I started by researching Alzheimer’s Disease. Since there is a lot of information about Alzheimer’s, I did not want to overwhelm my readers. I had to narrow down the information that was to be presented on the infographic. I tried to present the simplified information in an order that made sense to someone who was new to this topic.

Having previously used, I decided to revisit the website. I picked an appropriate design and chose shades of purple for my background color because that is symbolic for Alzheimer’s awareness. After laying everything out in an orderly fashion, I added a few pictures and statistics to help the reader better understand the information.

Making this infographic was an enjoyable learning experience.  I hope it can help people become more aware of Alzheimer’s Disease and how prevalent and devastating it can be.

Research and picture sources: 

Template source: 


Faith 3


Event: Infographics

Title: Facts About Cyberbullying

Student: Grant Stahl

Grade:  8

Process: The reason I decided to do an infographic about cyberbullying is because I feel that it is a very common problem in many areas. Cyberbullying doesn’t just take place on social media, it can take place on many different platforms. It is a serious reality in today’s society that can even lead to suicide. I hope this infographic can bring some awareness to the threats cyberbullying can pose and how to help handle them.

I began by researching different websites to gather information I wanted to share. I then went to the Canva website which offers a variety of infographic formats. I chose a design that would be best suited for my topic. I manipulated it so that I could include a few images and statistics. I decided to incorporate the colors of black, red, and cream. I then created a layout or design that I thought would be visually appealing to the audience.

Overall, I really liked making this infographic, and I hope it does bring awareness of the dangers of cyberbullying.

Informational websites:

Infographic website:

Grant final 2


Digital Music Product

Event:  Digital Music Product

Title:   Blissful Banter

Student: Ella Stahl

Grade: 8

Process:  I chose to do Composed Digital Music Product because I have always been drawn to music. It plays an important role in my life. I have played the clarinet and currently play the oboe in our middle school band. I am also a part of our school choir. I realize that music has the power to influence and even change a person's mood. I wanted to create a fun little song with an upbeat tempo that would make the listener feel good. I decided to create a rondo because I wanted the theme to reflect in a fun way throughout the piece. I began by experimenting with different rhythms on Chrome Music Lab (Song Maker). On this website, you can create songs, note by note, customizing them to your liking. Once I created the initial theme, I worked on contrasting themes that could be intermixed into the song. I tried to incorporate different octaves to give the piece more depth. I wanted my final product to have a cheerful echo throughout. Once finished,  I needed to determine a good title for my creation. I finally came up with "Blissful Banter" because there is a joyful exchange back and forth throughout the song.

Blissful Banter (click to play)


Event:  Digital Music Product


Student: Connor Grooms

Grade: 8


Connor's music product



Book Trailer

Event:  Book Trailer

Title:  The Inspiration Of The Scourge 

Student: Jessica Long

Grade: 6

Process: The Inspiration of The Scourge

I have used the app Video Pad to create my book trailer because the selection was very small because of the Kindle Fire I used to create it. I decided to choose the video app that was easiest to understand so I could make the video to the best of my control. The process was very difficult. I had pictures that I think are perfect and captions that help viewers understand the plot I still had to upload music. The music was an easy selection and once I had it uploaded I was finished and with my sisters help I was able to send it all to the teacher with no trouble. I have named my project “The Inspiration of The Scourge” because of the inspiration the main character, Ani, gives me. Even though she is only a young girl, she taught me to be free with myself and to be a leader. She is an independent young woman that plays by her own rules even if others are against it and I will always look up to her.




Event:  Book Trailer


Student: Haley Nordwick

Grade: 8 

Process:  I chose The Darkest Minds because it was my favorite book of 2018. I used PowerPoint to create my book trailer. I then added the music from one of the final scenes of the movie.  The pictures are all scenes from the remarkable movie that shows that friendship can help you overcome hardships.  I created a book trailer last year and with the judge’s feedback from that trailer in mind, I created this one.  If you’re looking for a good book to read, check out The Darkest Minds!



Feature Video Product

Event:  Feature Video Product

Title: Cynthia Nordwick-Mom, Nurse, Coach

Student: HaleyNordwick  Connor Nordwick

Grade: 8 and 6

Process:  We used the roxio creator 2011 software to create our documentary. We were inspired to do this project because my mom does so much for our community and for us and we wanted everyone to know how great she is. The girls we interviewed were our little sisters and girls that we play basketball with. Our friend helped us to come up the interview questions.  We used purple and yellow color panels because they are the school colors of CCMS.  The background music Hit em High was used because it is our favorite song from Space Jam. We hope you enjoy our documentary about our amazing mom.

Cynthia Nordwick-Mom, Nurse, Coach (Click to Play)


Digital Art Product

Event:  Digital Art Product

Title:   Rise With the Sun

Student: Emily Nolan

Grade: 8

Process:  When deciding what I wanted to make, I started with a long list of unique poses and designs. I then narrowed it down to the one I chose and decided to make the subject of the picture a dragon. I redid the pose several times until I was satisfied with it. This process included adding and getting rid of several other dragons in the picture. For the pose I took inspiration from previous drawings I had done. After I was content with the pose and design of the focal point, I moved onto the background. At first I had wanted it to be a sunrise on the plain (something similar the the beginning of the movie The Lion King [The Lion King belongs to Disney]), but I ended up running into several obstacles that forced me to change coarse. One of the artistic hurdles I had to overcome was how to realistically draw Acacia trees and how to shade the clouds correctly. Both of which, are beyond my artistic ability at the moment. So instead I opted for a sunrise behind a mountain range. To draw this, I looked at various mountain ranges around the world and combined small traits from all to get the result I wanted. After this, I opened a new paint tab and made a pink to orange to yellow gradient that, eventually, was the same size as the canvas for the other half of the drawing. I made the drawing of the dragon in front of the mountains transparent, copied it, and pasted it onto the gradient. Then I moved onto the shading of and adding detail to both the dragon and the mountains. I was unsure of how to go about doing this, so I asked the advice of several friends of mine who are familiar with the concept. After considering their suggestions I went about my work. I made a light color to go around the peaks of the mountains and several darker tones for the shadows. Different colors were used depending on the pattern near the edges of the mountains. After I was content with the shading of the mountain range, I moved onto the dragon. I redid his shading many times because I wasn't happy with it. However, after the lengthy process, I finally reached the conclusion of that part. I had wanted to make the light blue marks on the dragon glow, but I was unable to find a way of doing that. 

Art platform used: MS Paint on a Windows computer and a standard computer mouse

Total time it took to make the picture: Several weeks.

Inspiration for the title: When I was in the first drafts of this drawing, I had decided I wanted the dragon to be taking off from the ground. I had also planned to have a sunrise in the background (aforementioned above). I thought the concept of the dragon rising into the sky was a nice one, so I decided to name the drawing after the idea. 

E. Nolan


Event: Digital Art

Title: Prepossessing Oceania

Student: Natalie Hicks

Grade:  8

Process:  In my piece, 'Prepossessing Oceania', I was inspired by viewing past pictures I had taken during my time at the beach. I was thinking, with the world so polluted and tarnished, I was lucky enough to be in an area where beauty is a common sight near the ocean. In my drawing, I depicted a spirit-esque woman, as beautiful as the sea itself, she represented it. Using the program FireAlpaca I attempted to draw my first semi realistic piece while attempting to not stray too far from my original style of cartoon drawings. The program Fire Alpaca offers the usage of layers (which I love, but I tend to overuse) so I took that to my advantage once again. First, I used the pencil tool and put it to a bright shade of red, for visibility purposes and future outlining. Using the pencil tool I began to sketch out the base of the woman, at first drawing her hair as shoulder length and straight. Thinking of the ocean, I decided this didn't quite fit my theme.  The ocean is vast and wide, and the hair is one of the most expressive parts of the human body. I decided that the hair should be able to represent that, so I diverged from my original plan and redrew the hair as thick and wild.  I also had drawn the eyebrow as, well, eyebrow originally. But thinking of fish and their many variations, I decided to redraw the eyebrow as a fish. As my sketching process grew to an end I began to roughly outline, another signature of my personal style. After I went over the general basics of the drawing I used a watercolor tool and went over as much as I felt was needed, adding shading after. The white tips of the hair represent the wave's white capping as they roll onto shore.



Event:  Digital Art Product

Title:   Silent Song 

Student: Abby LaFleur

Grade: 8

Process:  For my digital art project I wanted to do something familiar, but also try something new. I draw a lot in my free time, and on most of that, I draw cats. But there's also something else I wanted to try; birds. I've never been the greatest at birds, but I've always wanted to paint one, so I thought, why not paint a cat and a bird? For this project I used my 1910b Ugee drawing tablet and the program Clip Studio Paint on my computer. The first thing I did was use Google to find many pictures of cats to figure out the pose I wanted, and secondly, I did the same for the bird to get a feel of how to draw them. After thinking hard I chose to use a cat I'd previously created, a white, odd-eyed cat named Shye who is a mute, hence the name “Silent Song”. Not only can she not speak, but the blue jay produces beautiful songs that will be silent once the hunt is over. This drawing took around 4 hours to do, and it was a challenge that I really enjoyed. First I did a sketch with the pen tool, being very rough with shapes, next I made an outline of the cat and filled it in, so there was a silhouette. Then I used the watercolor brush and put layer upon layer of color until I liked the way it looked, I used the same process for the bird. After that I added the branches, using various shades of brown to add depth, as well as adding leaves with a foliage brush around the drawing, some in the foreground and some in the background to show they were surrounded by them. Lastly after I added the sunrise in the background I used that light to add shading to the rest of the picture. Using layer settings like multiple and add I shaded it until they seemed to fit into the picture.  

final abby


Original Photo

Event:  Original Photo

Title:   Sun vs. Moon

Student: A'lon McIntyre

Grade: 6

Process:  I was very excited when I got my iPhone 8+ and ever since I got it I loved the camera it takes really good pictures,and you can adjust the lighting and adjust other things too.So I decided to use it for my photo.I used portrait on the camera. This photo has no lighting adjusted on it or anything. I decided to take a picture of a horse because they are beautiful animals,and easy to get photos of. And I decided to name this picture sun vs moon because the horses name is moony but she's in the sunlight in the photo and I chose to use portrait on my camera because I wanted to focus on the horse because I wanted to show the beauty of the horse and make the horse the main focus of the picture and not the background improve the lighting in the process of choosing portrait so most of the lighting is on the horse.



Event:  Original Photo

Title:   Sunlit Dreaming

Student: Emily Nolan

Grade: 8

Process:  The first thing I did was decide what, in general, I wanted my photo to be. After I decided I wanted it to be of nature, I got my Canon Rebel T3i camera ready and had my mom drive me to a local park near my house named A.J. Jolly. We found a place in the park to start at and then I walked around, taking pictures of various things in and around the park: animals, plants, the lake, and the sunset. After I took a lot of pictures (and I mean a lot) I narrowed it down to a few picture before finally settling on the one I'm using. I tried to get as many angles of the sun coming through the trees as possible, and even got sun flares in multiple pictures. 

Picture details are as follows:

ISO 100

Focal length 29mm


Shutter Speed 1/80 

I decided to name the photo Sunlit Dreaming because my picture has an almost whimsical look. I got the sun coming through the trees at just the right angle to make it look like it could be seen in a forest inhabited by mythical creatures. The road also looks like it's leading you into the forest and it makes you wonder what's on the other side. 

Emily Nolan


Event:  Original Photo

Title:  The Hills are Alive

Student: Gracyn Hedger

Grade: 6

Process:  "The Hills are Alive" depicts a landscape of Yellowstone National Park. The photo was taken with a NIkon Coolpix camera and no filters were used.

The photo is named for the "Sound of Music" because the photo shows different types of life in the park.  It shows nature from harsh to soft as you move from the rocky foreground with an active hot spring, past the spotted forested hill to the lush mountain in the background.  The color and change of the light makes the picture appealing. Also the photo uses the rule of 2/3 with the peak of the center hill being slightly off center.



Event:  Original Photo

Title:  All Paws Down… I’m The Cutest

Student: Grace Evans

Grade: 8

Process:  Without a doubt- I lay and BOW to all… not with shame or guilt or shyness… but with Pride, Confidence & Respect.. For my paws are down because I am the cutest one around!

This Photo was taken the first day Luna was brought home as a rescue dog. I was amazed with her quickness to listen to commands and to sit when asked to.

With just a drop of a ball, I was able to take a quick shot with the portrait mode on my IPhone of Luna with her head and paws down.

This picture is hung proudly at my sister's, as a reminder of that special day Luna came home!


G. Evans


Event:  Original Photo

Title:   Close to Home

Student: Abby LaFleur

Grade: 8

Process:  During the summer we noticed some bright green cocoons hanging down from our garage, monarch butterflies! Now we hadn't had very many monarchs around, so when a few months later the hatched butterflies hung around, it was pretty cool to see. I chose the name “Close to Home” because it signifies how the monarch hatched there but decided to stick around for a little bit. When I took this picture I was sitting on my porch and I noticed the butterfly clinging onto one of my mom's potted plants. I love taking photos, and I thought this would be a great opportunity for some good pictures. I took many different photos, but decided on this one because I think it has the best contrast between the butterfly and the plant, while also blending nicely together. To take this I used the camera on my phone, my theme is wildlife photography, and I used an eye-level view to take the final picture.



Event:  Original Photo

Title:   Sunset at CCHS

Student: Wes Chowning

Grade: 8

Process: This picture is in birds eye view of the Campbell County High School baseball field. I took this picture on a iPhone7 during the fall at a football game. I went on top of the press box and saw the sunset and thought it was beautiful. This picture means a lot to me because it reminds me of the times my dad and I spent together.



Event:  Original Photo


Student: Connor Grooms

Grade: 8










Manipulated Image Product

Event: Manipulated Image Product

Title: A Different Type of Coffee

Student : A'lon Mcintyre


Process:  I go to my best friends house sometimes and she lives by a railroad and one day we were headed to the river and we have to pass the railroad to get there and so I took a picture of the railroad because it would be a good picture. So I used an app called Photo Fox and for a while I tried to figure out what I should do then I thought of an idea and I took a picture of my mom holding a coffee cup and I used eraser to erase away the part of the photo I didn't want to use and I was trying to make it look as best as it could so I spent time trying to make the edges smooth. I finished and thought I was done but then I saw that the photoshop was a little bit jagged on the edges so I redid it and tried my best to make them smooth. But I also created another picture that was photo shopped and I couldn't choose which one to enter so I asked some of the people in my family which one they preferred and they chose this one.


Original Photo 1 and 2:

alon M        am



Event: Manipulated Image Product

Title: I Don't Bite, I Promise

Student:  Emily Nolan

Grade:  8


Photo of dog: 

Camera Canon Rebel T3i 

ISO 2500


Shutter speed 1/30


Photo of people:

Camera Canon Rebel T3i

ISO 800


Shutter speed 1/100

Platform for photo editing used: Photoshop

I first took the picture of my dog when I was trying to decide what to use for my Original Photo Product. After finishing that product, I decided to use the picture of my dog for the manipulated image product. I had used worm's eye view for the picture of my furry friend. I convinced my older sister and mother to pose for the accompanying picture. I took a few pictures and found the one I was most satisfied with, then I started on the project. Using Photoshop, I opened both files and set to work editing them. First, I used the magnetic lasso tool to get a rough outline of my sister and mom, then I used the normal lasso tool to help add in small bits I might have forgotten. I copy and pasted the people on two different layers on the other file, using the photo of my dog as the background. I then used the eraser tool at sizes 4 through 6 to help get rid of the background of the previous photo they had been in. I also used the spot healing brush in Photoshop to remove the logo that was on both shirts to avoid copyright issues. However, that's when my luck took a turn for the worse. The computer I had been using for the project crashed and died (and I mean died died, it wouldn't turn back on). With some help from my mom, I was able to salvage some of the project and I transferred it to another computer. At this point, I was on a crunch for time and busied myself with restoring the project to it's former state. After I had both humans where I wanted them to be in the image, I shrank them down with the image adjustments tab. I then used the burn tool and dodge tool to darken and lighten the people in the photo to try and match the lighting of my house's entryway. After that I used a widget called curves to help slightly change the color of them to help match the lighting. 

Inspiration for the title: My dog is a very friendly one who loves to cuddle. I thought that if I were to have small people running away from her, she would be a little dismayed. If dogs could talk, she would probably tell the little people "I don't bite, I promise!" in an attempt to get them to come back. 



Original Photos 1 and 2:

emily1      emily 2