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STLP DPOJ Entries 18-19

STLP Campbell County Middle School

DPOJ  Products 18-19



Event: Infographics

Title: All About Alzheimer’s 

Student: Faith Stahl

Grade:  8

Process:  I chose to make my infographic on Alzheimer’s Disease for a few reasons. When trying to come up with an idea for this STLP project, I was studying in science class how neurons help the brain function. I found that they send signals with neurotransmitters, and that there are different types of neurotransmitters in the brain. I also learned that Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that is linked to Alzheimer’s. Generally, I knew little about this disease, but I wanted to learn more because my grandpa was diagnosed with it late in his life. I did know first-hand, however, how devastating this disease can be, as my family and I watched him decline during the last few years of his life. I decided to make an infographic so that not only could I learn more, but I could also share it with others.

I started by researching Alzheimer’s Disease. Since there is a lot of information about Alzheimer’s, I did not want to overwhelm my readers. I had to narrow down the information that was to be presented on the infographic. I tried to present the simplified information in an order that made sense to someone who was new to this topic.

Having previously used, I decided to revisit the website. I picked an appropriate design and chose shades of purple for my background color because that is symbolic for Alzheimer’s awareness. After laying everything out in an orderly fashion, I added a few pictures and statistics to help the reader better understand the information.

Making this infographic was an enjoyable learning experience.  I hope it can help people become more aware of Alzheimer’s Disease and how prevalent and devastating it can be.

Research and picture sources: 

Template source: 


Faith Final


Event: Infographics

Title: Facts About Cyberbullying

Student: Grant Stahl

Grade:  8

Process: The reason I decided to do an infographic about cyberbullying is because I feel that it is a very common problem in many areas. Cyberbullying doesn’t just take place on social media, it can take place on many different platforms. It is a serious reality in today’s society that can even lead to suicide. I hope this infographic can bring some awareness to the threats cyberbullying can pose and how to help handle them.

I began by researching different websites to gather information I wanted to share. I then went to the Canva website which offers a variety of infographic formats. I chose a design that would be best suited for my topic. I manipulated it so that I could include a few images and statistics. I decided to incorporate the colors of black, red, and cream. I then created a layout or design that I thought would be visually appealing to the audience.

Overall, I really liked making this infographic, and I hope it does bring awareness of the dangers of cyberbullying.

Informational websites:

Infographic website:

Grant final 2




Manipulated Image Product

Event: Manipulated Image Product

Title: A Different Type of Coffee

Student : A'lon Mcintyre


Process:  I go to my best friend’s house sometimes and she lives by a railroad and one day we were headed to the river and we have to pass the railroad to get there and so I took a picture of the railroad because I thought it would be a good picture. So, I used an app called Photo Fox and for a while I tried to figure out what I should do then I thought of an idea and I took a picture of my mom holding a coffee cup and I used layer transformation so I could use eraser to erase away the part of the photo I didn't want to use, and if I layered (I put the railroad picture on top of the coffee cup picture) the two photos wrong then I would of been able to make it look like the railroad was going into the cup and I was trying to make it look as best as it could so I spent time trying to make the edges smooth with the eraser.Also part of the end of the railroad picture stopped in the middle of the picture and if I erased it it would look bad so I cropped the photo to make it look like the railroad was still going. Eventually I finished and thought I was done but then I saw that the photoshop was a little bit jagged on the edges so I redid it and tried my best to make them smooth.


Original Photo 1 and 2:

alon M        am