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STLP State DPOJ Products 17-18

STLP Campbell County Middle School

DPOJ  Products School Winners 17-18


Event:  Infographics

Title:  Understanding Multiple Sclerosis 

Student: Faith Stahl

Grade: 7

Process:  Understanding MS  (click link for Process Paragraph)


Event:  Digital Art

Title:   “Live Life Colorfully”

Student: Grant Stahl

Grade: 7

Event:  Digital Art

Process:  “Live Life Colorfully” (click link for Process Paragraph)



Title:  In the Eye of the Storm

Student: Emily Nolan

Grade: 7

Event:  Digital Art

Process:  I used MS Paint and a mouse to create this drawing. The first thing I did was draw the outline of the dragons. I used a pencil tool with varying sizes throughout the line art. Then I worked on the background (ground, clouds etc.). The pencil tool was also used to create this. After that, I colored everything in and added detail (lightning, rain, shine marks on the blood). The coloring was done by the fill tool and the detail was made using the pencil tool on its two smallest sizes. I wanted to make this big grand piece with two dragons in the midst of battle to show that everyone has their differences, and that some take it to the worst level to resolve it.




Event: Graphic Design

Title:  Division

Student: Natalie Hicks

Grade: 7

Event: Graphic Design

Process:  In my graphic design project, "Divison", I used the contrast of two white and black elements to create an image that sits together in unison.  I used the program, '' to create this blending of elements and visionary aesthetics. The picture depicts two hands, reaching for each other in opposite worlds, the text in between them reading; "Our differences divide us to bring us together."

 graphic design


Event:  Book Trailer

Title:   Harry Potter Goblet of Fire

Student: Haley Nordwick

Grade: 6

Event:  Book Trailer

Process:  In creating my book trailer for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I used the software Roxio Creator 2011.  This software is an all-in-one digital media software that can be used to create many projects.  Here I was able to put together different slides using words and pictures retrieved from different websites on the Internet.  I placed the words and slides with pictures to help draw the viewer’s attention.  I also downloaded the Harry Potter theme song off of Amazon with my parent’s permission to play in the background while the different slides are playing.  This was a very involved project that I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed making it. 





Event:  Original Photo

Title:   Your'e Giraffing Me Crazy 

Student: Alyssa Steffen

Grade: 8

Event:  Original Photo

Process: While I was on vacation my family had went to a drive through zoo. In the zoo the animals would come up and feed them, I was taking pictures of the animals while giving them carrots. I took the pictures on my IPhone SE so it was easier. I chose this because there is good lighting, the giraffe almost looked like he was posing for the picture, and it is unique.




Title:   I'm Fluffy Not Stuffy!

Student: Ella Stahl

Grade: 7

Event: Original Photo

Process: I'm Fluffy Not Stuffy! (click link for Process Paragraph)

Original Photo E. Stahl   




Event:  Manipulated Photo

Title:   BUMBLE

Student: Breanna Collins

Grade: 8

Event: Manipulated Photo

Process: At my old house [recent move] me and my sister frequently walked a path in the woods to get to Subway, in our way back I stopped in the middle of the path and took the original. About a month ago I was scrolling through my pictures and found this I decided to make it stand out even more than it already did. I used an app called ‘Blur Photo’ and I spent an hour blurring the background I did this 3 times with different textures in the back, one like this, another that was just blur, and the last was kind of like lines going the opposite way then the plant. I asked a lot of people which one they liked the best, they chose this one, and I had to agree!

Breanna Collins Photo 1 

Breanna Collins photo 2 Manipulated


Title:   Train Crossing Room

Student: Carson Pelle

Grade: 8

Event: Manipulated Photo

Process:  I started off with my photo of a train track, and my picture of a framed photo above my mantle. I used Photoshop CS6 and selected the area of the picture frame and selected the railroad tracks. Then, I deleted everything but the tracks and the frame, so it created the illusion of the tracks entering my living room. Then, I adjusted the hues and saturation to make the background more blue and the track more vibrant, to make it stand out more. Finally, I cropped the photo and centered it. I used a Nikon D5200 camera and I used the color balance tool in Photoshop CS6 to make it look more blue, because the original photo looked too yellow, and I used the pen tool to trace around the tracks plus the rectangle select tool to select the picture frame, then I used select inverse to select everything but the tracks and frame, to delete everything else in the photo of the railroad tracks. I then used rectangular select to crop any unwanted things out of my photo, such as my shelf and my TV.

Carson Pelle Manipulated 

Photo1 Carson Pelle  

Photo 2 Carson 2