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STLP DPOJ Projects 2017

STLP Campbell County Middle School

DPOJ Rubrics and Products

STLP Gaming: Minecraft

Tyler, Maya and Nate



Digital Art Product

All Jumbled Up Jessyka M.


This art piece was to show how even though you may being going through a rough time, positivity will always find a way to shine through the darkness and help you out. The positive messages show that your mind may be jumbled but your heart and soul will be there to back you up.

The program I used was Paint. I used the water color paint brush because you get a nice vibrant color and many colors to show how your mood can change or how you can be many moods at one time. The way I came up with this idea was because I was feeling kind of down an used the feelings and channeled it into art. I made a nice piece with positive messages to show how the aspect of how art can make you realize you're so much better than you realize you are and to help your mind turn the negative thoughts into positive energy.



KATE Product  Digital Project-KATE “Be the HERO; STOP the Bullying!"

Girl Power

Breanna C., Alysa S., Sophia R.


This is the process for our project, and our name is girl POWER : On December 13th, we reviewed and highlighted the rubric and decided to start the K.A.T.E. Project. At first, it was just Breanna and Alyssa, but then I (Sophia) joined them.

On December 16th Alyssa and Breanna met at Breanna's house (I had not joined yet). there, they come up with a list of ideas that they soon begin to work on, using Windows Live Movie Maker.  They also decided to start on our fact using Power Point, they also found pictures already on the computer, and they cropped them as the background.  Then took facts, statistics, and definitions and so on, next they got people on Breanna's street to record videos in slow motion and saying parts of a quote.  Later that night, Breanna's Mom showed her the song "Scars to Your Beautiful" and immediately she texted us saying that was the song.

On December 18th, me (Breanna) and Alyssa met at Alyssa's and due to Sophia being sick, we just Facetimed her.  When we put in the flash drive, we realized we lost everything from the 16th, because of the computer change plus I forgot all of our notes at my house so my sister sent pictures of them.  So after we re-made all of the slides with the logistics and downloaded the video we had gathered and added the song and began attempting voice narration but we soon found that we couldn't have the song playing in the background meaning that we had to keep starting the song over and over.  So we added text bubbles instead, we were halfway done!

On December 30th, me, Sophia, and Alyssa met at Alyssa's house, we had more video footage of Alyssa's cousins.  We spent the majority of the time googling how to voice narrate, we finally came to the conclusion that the laptop we were using did not have the update we needed that had the voice narration so we could not do it.

On January 9th, the day before our project was due, we met and made sure everything was perfect and went through the rubric and grammar and added one more video of saying stuff (at the end of the video) and voila! It was perfect! 

Additional KATE Documentation and notes.

KATE Storyboard


Music Products

In the Name of Love--Titanium    Abby A.


For my Re-Mix of In the Name of Love originally done by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha, I sang the original lyrics then used to remix the background beat. I was inspired by David Guetta's work and mixing. In the beginning I started with my original lyrics but after listening to the different loops and possible beats, I realized that my lyrics were mimicking my final choice of song; In the Name of Love. Then I started to remix In the Name of Love  with Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. I listened to the remix and hearing it I decided that  In the Name of Love  needed to stay a stand alone song. I quickly got rid of Titanium  and started creating background and loops for In the Name of Love.  Using Soundtrap's given loops and my own created loops and beats, I created a new and remixed version of  In the Name of Love. 


Electro Hype  Jessyka M.


I used to create this project. The purpose for this song was to show how one soft sweet sounding rocket of beats can turn into a sweet melody. Music can turn into a masterpiece. I was searching to find the perfect harmony. I found the harmony and then found the perfect mix to compliment the solid beat that will show all the hard work I've been putting into this music piece.


Original Photo Product

Paige H.

The Meaning of Christmas--Original Photo

Paige H.


I chose to pose this photo to show that in current days, the meaning of Christmas has been lost due to technology. Technology is an overused privilege and today’s generations have proven so. In the picture, you see a young girl, standing in front of a nativity scene that has meaning, yet you notice her staring down at her phone, oblivious to the world around her. I chose to take this photo from behind, as an observer of this technological take over. I used the rule of thirds and lined my subject up in the right corner and used the manger guard rail as the horizon. There are no edits, the scene had lights that created bold features on the subject. The color scheme was also the blue scale. The blue scale also shows the downfall of technology and that it has averted our attention away from sentimental moments, family, and Christmas. 

Ella S.

Faithful Friend--Original Photo

Ella S.


The title of my digital photo product is "Faithful Friend!” I chose to take a picture of a stray dog that we adopted because his face has many colors, and he is charming.  I experimented with my parents' camera which is a Sony Alpha 6000, keeping all settings on automatic.  The room I chose to use was our living room because it has a lot of natural light coming through the windows so I did not need to rely on a flash.  This picture has not been cropped or edited. I took several candid shots of him but liked the way he tilted his head in this one the best.  It was if he was saying “I’m cute, right?”


Walker S.

Life's Peaceful Moments--Original Photo

Walker S.


The reason that I took this picture is because I wanted to capture a perfect moment of complete peace that would involve nature. When I went with my family to a beach in Santa Cruz, California, everything was silent and still. A lone tree stood out against the setting sun, and a person sat quietly on a bench next to it. I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to take a photo.  I did not have a tripod, so I steadied the camera on my forearm, and took the picture with a Nikon 26’ zoom.


Gage K.

Beyond the Boundary--Original Photo

Gage K. STLP


Process: I took multiple pictures of the farm.  I chose the one of the hill with the snow on it because it had snow on one hill and no snow on the other. It looked so fake, but it was so real because our farm faces south and the sun melts the snow on our hill. The two different landscapes make the picture pop with beauty. The photo is an original photo that I captured. I took it during the perfect time of day and year.  I do not have access to a camera; I used the camera on my iPod.  I tried zooming in, zooming out, and panorama until I captured the perfect scene.