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Winter Virtual Entries

Campbell County Middle School

Winter Virtual Entries 2016

STLP Adviser:  Darci Fields

Technical Writing Product:

Student Name:  Casey Kyle

Title:  Internet 101:  Working With Bookmarks


Process: I love working on the computer. I came up with the idea when I saw how many kids didn’t know how to do a lot of things on the computer. So I made this to try and help them. I started with just adding bookmarks, but then realized that you need to be able to rearrange and delete them.

Digital Art Product

Student Name:  Breanna Collins

Title:  Mystic Mountains

Process:  Art is a hobby of mine! One of my favorite pieces is my mountains so I decided to draw it electronically. I chose Paint to create my piece. I then drew my triangle shaped tops to create mountains coloring them in dark grey, then I shaded most of each mountain light grey. After that I used the spray paint brush to create snow on my mountains I put most of the snow towards the top of each mountain showing what part is getting the most indirect sunlight. Finally I started on my background I wanted it to be a really pretty sunset look so still using the spray paint brush I put splashes and dots of different, but bright colors you would see in the sunset.



Student Name:  Madison Scharstein

Title:  Teamwork

Process:  I LOVE to draw. One of my favorite things to draw is people. I also love my friends, and my school. So if I combine the two, I get two friends working together on something tech related (I love tech!). I call this piece Teamwork. I used MS (Microsoft) Paint. At first I was only drawing one girl, the one on the right, and then my friend asked me to put her on the other side. So, I took my girl, copied her, flipped her around, put her in, and changed the colors. Then I put lights at the top, wooden floor at bottom, wall in middle, and made some gears. Then I copied my one gear and made them all different sizes. For decoration, I decided to put in a few… thousand dots.


Student Name:  Emma Davis


Process:  Happiness

I drew this photo with Paint. I drew this picture because when I think of rainbows I think of happiness and I’m always happy. At first I used the swirly shaping tool and I didn’t really like it so I decided to just freely draw it with paint brushes on Paint. In the end I went back over the clouds because they looked funny when they were tinier than the rainbow itself. This is the process I went through to create my painting. 



 Photo Product:

Student name: Madison Copes

Project: Photo Product

Title: Fabulous Fish

Process: I was inspired to take the picture because I have a huge fish tank and I thought it would be cool to take a picture of my crazy fish under perfect lighting.  I wanted some fish to be up close and some to be back further. First I took my iPhone 6 and waited till there was the perfect light and I shut off some of the lights in the area. Then I took a picture at an angle so that no cords or distractions poked out. Then I waited until the perfect moment. I then snapped the picture when all the fish were perfectly still and they were at a perfect angle. This picture is very relaxing because of the light shining from above and the bubbles scattered around the fish.

Student name: Madison Copes

Project: Manipulated Image

Title: My Flow

Process: The first step to making my project was I took a picture of my running bathtub faucet with my iPhone 6. Then I used pic lab and photo lab to draw the water lines and to get some of the stickers. Then I used the apps stickit! Stickbooth and Insta emoji for more of the stickers I liked. I chose to make this because I thought it would be nice to show a flow of some things that I like with stickers and it all came together. I think it looks nice and relaxing whenever I look at it because those are some of my favorite things.



Student name:  Olivia Long

Project:  Photo Product

Title:  Summer Splender

Photo Product- To create this photo I found a location that had good lighting as well as beautiful flowers to use as my subject. After looking at all the different flowers in that area, this set of flowers really stood out to me. I decided to take a picture of them and I took multiple of those same flowers but this photo is my favorite because of the way it focused. It focused on the flowers so the background was darkened and that really made the flowers stand out.

Student name:  Olivia Long

Project:  Manipulated Image

Title: Attract Attention

Manipulated Image- When I originally took this picture, the background was not very vibrant. When I manipulated the image, it really made the butterfly stand out from the background and now it shows up very well. To begin manipulating this image, I uploaded the image into the Photoshop program and I used the magnetic lasso tool around the butterfly to make the background black and white in color. I then set the contrast of the picture to 100 in the photo gallery to make the butterfly more vibrant. I also cropped a little bit off the bottom of the photo to make the top and bottom space around the butterfly even and to make it really focus on the butterfly.  



Student Name: Breanna Collins

Project:  Photo Product

Title:  Let the Chips Fall Where They May
One day after school I decided I would go outside and take some pictures I went to the woods near my house.  I saw many pieces of litter and interesting trees ect. I then found a bag of potato chips which caught my eye instantly! I began taking pictures from every angle, this was my favorite!

Student Name:  Emma Davis

Project:  Photo Product

Title:  Lovely Flowers

I was inspired to take this photo because I've had this picture for as long as I can remember. It was my mom's when she was younger and now it's mine. I've dropped it many times and it has never broken. This painting means a lot to me and that's why I was inspired to take it.