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STLP Digital Online Project Entries 14-15

Campbell County Middle School

2015 Digital Product Online Entries


Multimedia Content Product


Casey Kyle--"The Line Bot"

Process paragraph is included in the project below.





Digital Art



Madison Copes--"The Beach Among Us"

Title: The Beach Among Us

Process: First I drew a picture of my favorite beach scene with pencil and white paper.  Next I took a picture of my drawing with my iPhone and then added a cloud background found on InstaEffect and then edited that background by zooming and rotating it into the right spot on the picture.  Next I edited the picture on BeFunky by coloring in the tree, sand mound, and sun.  I chose bright colors because I wanted to bring out the beauty of the beach and how exciting it is to be at the beach.  I like how the cloud background makes it look realistic and gives it movement.


Original Drawing                             Digital Art Entry



Original Photo Entries


Olivia Long-"Field of Susans"

Title: Field of Susans

Process:  To create this photo I found a location that had good lighting as well as interesting flowers to use as my subject. After walking around the area I chose some specific flowers that caught my eye. I then began shooting photos of the flowers from several different angles until I achieved the desired effect. I chose this photo because I found it to be more interesting than just focusing on one single flower.


Madison Copes "Leaf Drops"

Title: Leaf Drops

Process: One day after it stopped raining I decided to take a relaxing walk while listening to music on my iPod touch. While I was walking outside I saw this beautiful leaf on the sidewalk with rain drops on it and I took a picture of it with my iPod touch. I like the light brown color of the leaf on top of the black and white pebbles from the concrete sidewalk and the different sizes of rain drops spread over the leaf. There are so many different textures in this picture because of the pebbles, leaf, and rain drops.

Erica Guevara-"The World Is Art"

Original Photo Entry

I used the Samsung Galaxy s4 Mini's camera.
This picture was taken at the top of a mountain in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


Manipulated Photo Entries



Olivia Long-"Get Noticed"

Original Image

Title: Get Noticed
Process:  To begin manipulating this image, I uploaded it to Photoshop and used the magnetic lasso tool to surround the flower. I then used the black and white filter on the rest of the picture to focus on the brightly colored flower.
Manipulated Image


Madison Copes "Wild Beats"


Title : Wild Beats

Create Process: First thing I did was take a picture with my iPod touch of the beautiful music note mirrors on my bedroom wall.  Next I chose a crazy background from InstaEffect and edited the background by zooming in, fading and rotating it to the right place on the photo.  I like that the picture looks more exciting than the original picture after adding the colorful light streaks.  The light streaks make the photo more alive.  When putting the photos side by side the original photo feels like you are listening to boring music and the Wild Beats photo makes you feel like you are listening to more exciting music.

Manipulated Wild Beats


Erica Guevara-"Bad Luck"

Original Image-Bad Luck
Title: Bad Luck
Process:  This is a picture I took of my cat in my garage. The software I used is called PicsArt.
-First I cropped out the same cats face from another picture I had taken
-Then I placed it's cropped out face onto the cats head to make to look as natural as possible.
-After that I used a smear brush with its opacity on 65 and the color black to make the sides of the cats face look more natural.
-I used the same brush (smear brush, opacity 65, color black) to fix some grey spots in the cats shadow that were caused by the lighting in the picture.
-I used the circle brush to make two solid cream colored circles for the eyes in the shadow. The shadow resembled a cats head so I placed them where I thought the eyes would most likely be.
-Next I used a sort of needle like brush all around the shadows eyes to give it more of the evil shadow look I was going for.
-Then I used a black circle that were not filled, size 20 and opacity 100, to cover the needles that surrounded the outside of the shadows eyes and make it look cleaner.
-After that I used the same cream color and a jagged lined brush and made up and down movements, making the ends of the smile more sharp, to make the evil grin I was imagining a evil shadow would have.
-Then I took a normal brush and made its size 47 and opacity 11, going over the eyes and grin of the shadow 4 times to make it look a darker color.
-Next I chose a dark yellow and the defult brush (size 1 and opacity 65) and brightened the eyes on the actual cat, not the shadow, to make them more visable.
-I did the same for the nose of the actual cat, but with a dark grey color.
-I used the same jagged brush, putting the angle on 269 degrees, size 128 and opacity 64, to make the sides of the shadow show the fur that was sticking outwards on the actual cat
-Also the cat is somewhat fat so that is why it appears more round than it normally would.

Manipulated Image-Bad Luck