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Maps - District Boundaries

Last Updated: 6/30/2020 1:39 AM

On this site, you will find the following maps:

  1. School Board - Voting Precinct Maps
  2. School Attendance Boundary Maps
  3. Independent School District Maps

Due to the size of these maps, downloading one may take a couple of minutes, so please be patient.

School Board - Voting Precinct Maps

School board members are elected to serve four (4) year terms.  Elections occur every two years and the number of school board members up for re-election alternates between 2 and 3 members.  In 2014 (Districts 1 and 4) are up for re-election.  In 2016, (Districts 2, 3, and 5) are up for re-election.  The pattern is repeated every two years. School board members shall live in the district in which they are elected.  If a school board member moves out of his/her school board voting precinct, the school board member shall resign from serving on the school board and the Commissioner of Education will appoint another school board member to serve until the next election. The school board voting precinct maps are as follows:

School Board - All Districts

School Board District 1

School Board District 2

School Board District 3

School Board District 4

School Board District 5

School Attendance Boundary Maps

Students residing in the Campbell County School District boundaries are required to attend a specific school as defined by the school district boundaries.  For example: If a student resides/sleeps in the Crossroads Elementary school district boundaries, the student is required to attend Crossroads Elementary.

Campbell County Schools does not have school choice.  Parents cannot choose which school a student attends.

Parents who own multiple properties in different school attendance boundaries are still bound to one residence and one school, based on where the student sleeps.  Parents with multiple residences or parents who claim they are living with relatives will be required to submit tax forms, utility bills, drivers license, etc. as proof of residence, if necessary, when deciding a school attendance boundary.

The school attendance boundary maps are as follows:

Middle School and High School

All Campbell County Elementary Schools on One Map

Campbell Ridge Elementary

Cline Elementary

Crossroads Elementary

Grants Lick Elementary

Reiley Elementary

Independent School Districts

There are five (5) Independent School Districts in Campbell County.  While these school districts are located within Campbell County, they are not part of the Campbell County School system.

The Independent School Districts are:

Campbell County Schools plus ISDs on One Map

Bellevue ISD

Dayton ISD

Fort Thomas ISD

Newport ISD

Southgate ISD