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Physical Education   

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Welcome to Physical Education

Hello students and parents! Welcome to another year of physical education at Grants Lick Elementary school! I can’t wait to see all the students back in the gym and working hard to stay healthy.


Guidelines and Expectations 

A key element that contributes to a student's success and essential safety in P.E. is appropriate clothing and footwear. Clothing should be conducive to movement and the best athletic shoes should either have laces and velcro straps.

Please make sure your child dresses appropriately and wears appropriate shoes on his/her P.E. days. Students in physical education class are expected to run, jump, kick...move. With all of this movement, sometimes shoes do come flying off people's feet.

Appropriate and Safe shoes

  • Rubber soled athletic type shoes
  • Gym shoes should have ties, velcro, or at the very least zippers.
  • All shoes should cover the heel and toes of the foot.
  • In Physical Education students will ALWAYS strive to:


  • PARTICIPATE SAFELY- safety in our class is first and foremost for all students. Students are encouraged to be in control of their own bodies to protect themselves and others in the class.
  • SHOW RESPECT TO ALL - teachers, peers, and guest teachers.
  • FOLLOW THE RULES AND PLAY FAIR - We have school time rules for many activities to ensure all students understand the games/activities. Students who make up rules are not being inclusive of others)
  • PARTICIPATE WITH 100% EFFORT - there is no doubt some skills in P.E. will be difficult but our goal is to expose our students to as many different lifetime activities to give them the experience and have options as they grow up)
  • FOLLOW DIRECTIONS THE FIRST TIME THEY ARE GIVEN - since we only see students for a short amount of time 3 times a week, it is essential that students follow directions so that we do not have to continually repeat directions. Students who are talking during instruction are not being respectful of the learning time of other students)



Physical activity provides opportunities for social interaction, challenges and fun.

Hula huts

Regular participation in health-related, physical activity supports the goals of fitness and a healthier lifestyle throughout life.


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