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District Improvement Plan

Workshop Training Videos

Assessment Literacy Video:  http://youtu.be/XHX2jnKNiyw

Response to Intervention


Co-Teaching Videos:

Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Tewes, Fifth Grade ELA:  Station Teaching

Mr. Bessler and Mrs. Bitter's Fifth Grade 


https://youtu.be/gq99kmEpIg0  (Station teaching and skill groups in reading)

Mrs. Tewes and Mrs. McConnachie's Fifth Grade

This video highlights the co-teaching strategies of team teaching and parallel teaching.  This was a writing lesson designed to help students use a particular strategy to assist in the development of their writing.

Amanda Kuper and Elizabeth Thorton's High School Co-Teaching Video

Station teaching: Students were working with various types of propaganda and rhetorical appeals.  Students would switch groups to analyzing multiple types of propaganda/rhetorical appeals used in our everyday life.  Students are in stations and teachers are rotating and sharing responsibilities in the classroom.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7ME6AK73qlvclRSaDJsNWtDQzA/view?usp=sharing (Station Teaching)

One speak/one add:   This video highlights the use of the One Speak One Add co-teaching model. Teachers and students are discussing and brainstorming open ended questions to ask an interviewee. Students then turn these answers into an interview narrative. Teachers are sharing the responsibility of explaining  content to students and getting student responses. 

https://youtu.be/DNXaJGG_E6o (Team Teaching-One Speak One Add)

Station Teaching:


Parallel Teaching:



Lori Harpold and Jennifer Kaufman's Third Grade

Team Teaching:  This is a third grade Everyday Math lesson on Polygons, Lesson 4.4.  There are 27 students with 10 having an IEP.  


Jon Wirth and Toni Besecker's Fourth Grade 

Deana Rosenthal and Andrea Bloomfield's Fifth Grade



Samantha Corman and Jessica Wimmers ELA 7th grade

The first part of the video co-teachers are using the Station Model for language review regarding sentence structure and phrases/clauses. The students were preparing for their upcoming summative assessment. The second part of the video co-teachers are using the Alternative Teaching Model to provide remediation for struggling students (hallway) and grade-level instruction (classroom) for students who have almost/already have mastered the learning target of identifying text structure.  

7th Grade ELA: Samantha Corman and Gwen Haywood

Ms. Corman and Ms. Haywood worked in a combination of co-teaching models in this clip: parallel and station. Students were grouped based on a previous reading test that was completed the week prior. The parallel stations were teacher-led and worked on remediation with specific reading standards.  The independent group (station) worked on upcoming reading standards since they had shown mastery on the previous reading test. The parallel groups read a story and answered multiple choice as well as open response questions with teacher models using chart paper on the board. The independent group read a story, worked on literary element questions, then picked an article/story of their choice from Scope Magazine to read and create an objective summary. 



Alex Evan's fourth grade classroom discusses components of the PDSA model and strategies that enhance their learning.  Alex is a member of the Closing the Achievement Gap cadre.  This cadre focuses on high yield strategies and co-teaching models to help with novice reduction. Cadre members were introduced to this model a few weeks ago and her students are already beginning to explain the model and name strategies that help them learn.


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PD Academy

Curriculum and Instruction

CCHS PLC Video - Student Work Analysis (Writing)